Reflecting on 2018 and looking towards 2019…

We are wrapping up another year – another year full of dance, music, performance, budgets, new buildings, and yes, some of the worst political displays this country has seen.  While we are heartened by the November election (and the passing of Prop E), this current leadership in Washington is beyond anything we ever expected. It is clear that our work must dig in deeper, take more chances, and be more generous to others.


For the last 30 years Dance Brigade has created dances that have confronted some of the country’s most pressing issues – from global warming to patriarchy. We have tried to create cultural equity in the arts and promote understanding about the root causes of police violence, gentrification, and the day to day racism that permeates our institutions.

We – along with you! –  have built a thriving community at Dance Mission Theater that continues this difficult but crucial work and celebrates the joys of living through dance!


2019 will be our 20th year at Dance Mission! We will mark this anniversary with a big concert at Herbst Theater on November 8th – so save the date.

We will be celebrating programs that shined this past year, including:

  • The Grrrl Brigade program that just commemorated its 15th year with a show at the Cowell and has trained over 500 girls with a leadership and artistic expression focus;
  • The adult program that is attended by 1000 students/week, taught by a number of immigrant artists, and concentrates on classes that look at cultural preservation as a form of resistance;
  • Our theater that is booked 40 weeks/year and features some of the Bay Area’s most influential choreographers, supporting provocative artists from Vanessa Sanchez to Dazaun Soleyn present their stunning first evening-length works;
  • Collaborations that celebrate the strength of community, working closely with Afro Urban Society to bring you Bakanal de Afrique,  SF Zuckerberg General Hospital to bring you Comhar, La Colectiva de Mujeres to bring you Baile Colectivo, and Calle 24 to bring you the Mission Youth Arts Festival;
  • The launching of our Stage Tech Training Program for Womxn of African Descent produced in collaboration with BCF and Afro Urban Society;
  • AND, of course, we will be celebrating Dance Mission’s technical director, Harry Rubeck, who was just awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award!

comhar 5

As we look back at the past twenty years we will also be looking forward: the new building is happening with a projected 2022 move-in date. It is a lot but we have an amazing team that includes Common Ground, TannerHecht Architects, Gelfand Architects, NCCLF, and last but not least MEDA, who is working hard to stem the tide of gentrification in the Mission.

So here we are on the brink of 2019. Check out our winter holiday shows and mark your calendars for the D.I.R.T. Festival – Dance In Revolt(ing)Times March 2019 and Krissy Keefer’s expanded work on climate change, Sin Palabras Summer 2019!

Please keep us in your thoughts as we move forward to make the world better than yesterday. A donation of just $50 will go a long way to keep us dancing for another 20 years. So thank you for remembering us when you make your year-end giving at whatever level makes sense for you – $25, $50, $100, $1000…

From all of us a Dance Mission to all of you… Happy 2019!

Want to donate but don’t like the online thing? Feel free to call us at 415-826-4441 and we can run your credit card over the phone. Checks  (payable to Dance Brigade) can also be mailed to Dance Mission: 3316 24th St, SF CA 94110. All donations are tax-deductible.

Photos by (in order of appearance): Robbie Sweeny, Brooke Anderson, Robert Werner

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