The Embodiment Project’s Residency in Dos Rios

By Nicole Klaymoon

Embodiment Project (EP) is an urban dance theater company that roots its material within the lives of its performers. Once a year the company embarks on an intensive solely to tap into these roots and develop its work. For the last several years, this intensive has taken place at Dos Rios Retreat and Performance Center where the company can dance, sing, speak and otherwise express without filters, judgement or the pressure to produce. It is here where personal blocks are dismantled and true selves emerge.

We humans are living beings just like everything else in nature. The opportunity for Embodiment Project to be immersed in it at Dos Rios away from cell phones, Facebook and other distracting stimuli allows its performers to connect with the land, each other and themselves in ways that are often stifled or drowned by the noise of our modern, industrial world. Each moment amidst this environment feeds the artistic bodies with the silence and stillness needed in order to listen to one’s self and move forward. Dos Rios enables the company both collectively and individually to grow in ways that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

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