Dance Mission Theater is Caught in the Crossfire

San Francisco has become the playing field for a battle between the forces of financial power and economic gain on one side and the working class, immigrant and artists communities that make this city so special on the other side, and nowhere more than in the Mission. Dance Mission is also caught in the crossfire, having just been taxed with a dramatic rent increase and placed on a one-year lease. We cannot absorb this increase and keep our classes and rental rates affordable, so that our space remains the most financially accessible in the city, without raising the money to offset this blow.

Our building’s landlord has raised our rent by $25,000 a year, a roughly 26 percent increase, and put us on a one-year lease. We are reaching out to our community to raise $60,000 so we can afford to stay in our space without raising the cost of our classes or facility rental. We’ve raised $10,000 in donations thus far. To donate, please visit

For more information, please download our Donation Letter.

The Mural DMT

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