Tina Banchero, Dance Brigade Dancer, DMT Program & Grrrl Brigade Developer, Moves to Los Angeles

Tina and RamonAs 2014 comes to a close, we want to take pause and look back on all that has happened this past year. One of the many changes is that we said goodbye to longtime Dance Brigade dancer and Dance Mission Youth Program and Grrrl Brigade developer, Tina Banchero. Tina moved to Los Angeles this Fall and we miss her dearly. Dance Brigade artistic director, Krissy Keefer reflects on their relationship…

The following was written early Fall 2014:

After a long, sometimes tumultuous, yet dedicated and creative relationship, Tina Banchero is leaving Dance Brigade and Dance Mission and moving Los Angeles.

I just want to acknowledge publicly, because so often the dancers and teachers in an organization get left off the radar, that her presence in our work and my work specifically will be deeply missed and cannot be replaced. All that she brought to developing the youth program and Grrrl Brigade program and all that she brought to the stage over her 14-year commitment to Dance Brigade was phenomenal. Her fierce performance, her startling beauty, and her commitment to the politics especially the woman centered feminist aspects of our work were constant, unrelenting, and a refreshing reminder that we can and will change the world. She will be missed by all of us. And so with a heavy heart we will release her into the wilds of Los Angeles. May the Angeles hold her and all who cross her path be forever moved and transformed.

Tina and DMT Staff


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