Tonight! The Get Your Life U.N.I.T.Y. Mini Ball

Get Your LIfe UNITY Mini Ball
Saturday, December 7 at 8pm
Tickets: $10 to watch and/or compete!
Available at

Open to All (OTA) * Sign-ups accepted 8-8:30pm

Hosted by JoQ of Vogue and Tone and Soul Nubian of AfroHouse Hop

**   Realness with a Twist
Bring it like a boy to a male model “go see” come back as an afro-punk girl.
**  Runway
Model walk vs high fashion look or both?
**  Hand Performance
Stretch out your hands for this seated competition and isolated battle of vogue hands.
**  Vogue 1 on 1
Make sure to serve teh children all the elements in this 1 on 1 battle.
**  Butch/Trans King Realness
Bring it like a boi, like only you can.
**  Old Way Vogue
Make Willie proud. Stand, pose & strut.
**  Bazaar
Bring your best Bohemian Rachetness.

Legendary Judges
Gehno Aviance (House of Aviance)
Allan Frias (Mind Over Matter/SYTYCD)
Krylon (Double Dutchess)
and Ari (Real World SF 2014)
Pumping the BEATZ: davO (SLU & Double Duchess)

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