Dance Mission’s Mural Project: An Interview with Superwoman Susie Lundy

The Mural DMT

Superwoman Susie Lundy – One of the Many Women Who Have Our Back With All Their Talent.
By Stella Adelman and Noelle Durant

Though they never seem to have the time to clean up our pigeon feces ridden sidewalk, month after month we’d receive the same notice from the Dept. of Public Works taped to our door: ‘You are hereby notified that it is your responsibility to remove graffiti on said property.’ We were in violation! Violation! VIOLATION! and given 30 days to remove the graffiti, with the additional responsibility to let the “Graffiti Unit” know that we had removed said graffiti or be subject to a hearing.

Now you know we needed a woman artist..

Superwoman Susie Lundy to the rescue! Not only is she a community superhero, Dr. Susie’s impressive resume includes artist, dancer, muralist, teacher, and director. Currently the Director of Grants and Foundations for Youth Speaks’ 20+ programs, she is known around the Bay for ‘bringing a creative vision and a depth of experience with community-based culture.’ We’re so grateful to call her part of our community of women who have our back with all their talent.

With a lineage of mother and grandmother painters, Susie first began painting murals when she was 25 year old. While studying Arts and Education at Harvard, she taught 9th and 10th grade history in Boston, using murals as a visual too to allow students to interact with stories outside of the text book. Once back in Oakland, she taught a mural class with one of her mentors, Miranda Bergman, who was also one of the famed Women’s Building muralists. Opportunities to paint continued to come to her, taking her as far as Mexico to flex her brush. While at UCLA for her doctorate, Dr. Susie chose to study in the World Arts and Culture program so she could work with Judy Baca at the Social Public Art Resource Center, who was also a faculty of the department. Together they collaborated on several mural restorations and Susie continued taking art classes on her own and painting with friends who are artists and graffiti writers.

Though she has had a couple of art shows where she painted on canvas, Susie explained how that’s never as exciting as painting street murals, mostly because of a street mural’s interactive nature. Hear her thoughts on the process of public art and putting up a mural on Dance Mission’s building – one of the four corners of the strongest heartbeat of the Mission District – 24th and Mission.


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