“Don’t Be Evil. Just Move Over.”

24th Street in San Francisco. A 1980s illustration by Spain Rodriguez.

By Noelle Durant and Stella Adelman

Google’s “Don’t be evil” motto has really got us rolling our eyes in disgust. Does the extreme gentrification of what was once a city of artists and activists, iconoclasts and immigrants, not count as evil? Our show in January 2014, “Hemorrhage – An Ablution of Love and Despair” will address our thoughts and feelings about these difficult times in our city and will take place in the Oakland Metro Opera House. We are feeling pushed out to Oakland and the East Bay like many of our friends in San Francisco, and you can bet we will definitely be making some noise about it. We are loving the noise coming from Persia’s music video “Google Google Apps Apps” feat. DADDIES PLASTIK:

As displacement reaches an all-time high, with Ellis Act evictions forcing long-time family residents out of their homes and rents skyrocketing by 24-percent in the last two years alone, the landscape is changing.

Ellis Act evictions in the last two years.And yet, Dance Mission Theater keeps the pulse of 24th and Mission strong. We provide a space that is accessible and affordable to performance companies who’ve long helped define the Bay Area dance scene while nurturing young artists who are just starting out. It’s a space where it is safe to challenge the status quo, innovate and ask questions. It’s a space where one can honor those who came before. It’s a space that stands in solidarity with the fight for social justice, celebrates the Bay Areas’ vibrant cultural past and is devoted to ensuring an equally exhilarating and diverse cultural future. It’s a space that welcomes.

A message from our friends at Our Mission, in an effort to put an end to the evil evictions that are tearing our communities apart:

A community march is planned along Calle 24. We will gather in front of the Brava Theater/Casa Sanchez on Saturday October 12, 2013 at 2 p.m. (Between Hampshire St. and York St.) The march will go towards Mission St. followed by a rally. The goal is to bring attention and to create a voice to stop the evictions of our residents and small businesses of the Mission by the rapid pace of gentrification.

In the spirit of unity and community we are asking all the marchers to wear white!

Una marcha comunitaria está planeada en la Calle 24, nos reuniremos en frente del Teatro Brava el sábado 12 octubre, 2013 a las 2:00 p.m. (Entre Hampshire Street y York St.) La marcha finalizará en la calle 24 y Mission seguido de una manifestación. El objetivo es llamar la atención y crear una voz para detener los desalojos de nuestros residentes y las pequeñas empresas de la Misión por el ritmo tan rápido de gentrificación.

(Gentrificación: es un proceso de transformación urbana en el que la población original de un sector o barrio deteriorado y con un estado de pobreza constante es progresivamente desplazada por otra de un mayor nivel adquisitivo y a la vez que se renueva)

March Community Partners (Endorsements)

ANSWER-Act Now to Stop War & End Racism-Coalition
Atyulta Restaurant
BRAVA! for Women in the Arts
Calle 24 Arts Consortium (Precitas Eyes, Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, Galeria De La Raza, Accion Latina, BRAVA)
Calle 24 SF, Merchants and Neighbors Association
Carnaval San Francisco
Casa Sanchez
Causa Justa, Just Cause
Cesar Chavez Parade and Festival
Coleman Advocates
Chinatown Comunity Developement Center
Dance Mission Theater
Good Samaritan Family Resource Center
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of San Francisco
Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco
Idriss Stelley Foundation
Instituto Familiar de la Raza
Latin Zone Productions
Latino Leadership Committee
Loco Bloco
Mission Economic Development Agency
Mission Girls
Modern Times Books
No Jack Spade in the Mission Coalition
Oliver & Sabec P.C.
The San Francisco Cannabis Patients Union
The San Francisco Tenants Union
San Francisco Homeless Group Advocates
San Francisco Latino Democratic Club
The Chocolate Project
The Marsh
United Players
Valencia Corridor Merchants Association

Our Mission is a coalition of neighbors, community organizations, and local merchants opposed to the rapid pace of displacement/evictions in the Mission, destroying the cultural and social fabric of the neighborhood.

A cross section of the community united to create policies and long term solutions to stop these evictions.


For more information, visit: “Calle 24 ~ 24th Street March Oct. 12, Our Mission No Eviction” event page.

*Ads displayed on our blog pages are undesirably placed by the site that hosts this blog and absolutely do NOT reflect the views or policies of Dance Brigade’s Dance Mission Theater. We encourage all our readers to be conscientious with the media we choose to absorb. Free minds!

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